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METAL Manufacturing Company

Providing Custom Metal Solutions

Whether you want a more traditional approach or a modern twist, Mcswain Metal Fabrications can help you find exactly the right fit for your building. Give us a call to begin your journey to unique metalwork that will make you stand out. We create quality with every step.

Premier Exterior Handrails

When you’re building a new structure or renovating an old building, chances are you have to install some stairs. And, where there are stairs, there are metal handrails.

Metal handrails are an important part of any stair structure. Not only do they provide a vital safety element, but they’re also a great way to insert style into your building’s design.

Master-crafted Interior Handrails

When it comes to the harsh Colorado climate, nothing holds up to the test of time like metal rails. Wood rails require a lifetime of maintenance and composites want for imagination and style.

That Perfect Touch

Wine doors, fireplace screens, chimney covers, metal decorations, iron corbels, etc… the sky is the limit. Bring in your design, or idea and McSwain Metal Fabrication will make it into reality.

Ornamental & Custom Metal

Are you looking to update the way your building looks, but you just can’t think of a way to do it? Are you building a whole new building, and you need stairs to get from one floor to another? No matter what your needs are, McSwain Metal Fabrication can fulfill them.

Wrought Iron & Steel Fences

Our Wrought Iron and Steel fences have fully welded posts and panels and come with a premium powder coat finish.

Ornamental Gates

McSwain Metal Fabrication specializes in the fabrication of all types of metal ornamental driveway gates, fence gates, and entryways.

Spiral Staircases

Are you looking to update the way your building looks, but you just can’t think of a way to do it? McSwain Metal Fabrication can fulfill them. Our line of prefabricated steel stairs are top-notch, and we will work with you to create the perfect staircase.